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Here, have another not-pretty post. I see the Griffin, in a mundane AU, being basically the old guy who yells about modern kids and tells them to get off his lawn, and probably gets along better with intellectuals/people his age who also like to complain. However he probably still eats people, so I am totally okay with having CR of that nature.
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NAME: Gray
CONTACT: [personal profile] graygriffin


NAME: The Griffin
CANON: The Griffin and the Minor Canon
CANON-POINT: At the end of the story, after he starves himself


HISTORY: Here just have the whole story

WHAT ARE YOUR CHARACTER'S STRENGTHS?: The Griffin is very intelligent, having lived for a very long time and spoken with many scholars over those years. He is also quite good at being intimidating in general, even unintentionally, and can often end up encouraging people to do better out of fear of reprisal. He is also fiercely loyal towards those who earn his affections, and he will stop at nothing to defend them when he feels they have been mistreated.

WHAT ARE YOUR CHARACTER'S WEAKNESSES?: He is very bad at being gentle, or encouraging through anything other than fear. Even when he tries to speak gently, he tends to fail at it. He also has a tendency to make sweeping generalizations of anyone other than the people he is actually fond of, and can be very blunt about describing his perception of their shortcomings. He also tends to go off first impressions in general, and can occasionally be self-absorbed, not always realizing how the people he likes respond to his attention. Also, he will refuse to eat anything prepared by people he considers morally deficit, or even eat those people themselves.

WHAT EVENTS OR CIRCUMSTANCES IN YOUR CHARACTER'S PAST HAVE IMPACTED THEM THE MOST?: The various humans he has met and been fond of have probably impacted him the most, since he has learned from them, and still remembers them even long after they have died. The Minor Canon is probably the one who has had the largest impact for him, since he ended up being willing to die for the Minor Canon without even letting him know he intended to do so.

WHAT MOTIVATES YOUR CHARACTER?: Good conversation and companionship, learning what he looks like, helping those he likes with their duties

WHAT IMPRESSION DO OTHERS TEND TO HAVE OF YOUR CHARACTER?: Generally, people seem to think of him as a beast first, even after they learn he can speak, since he still has a vicious air about him. Most people tend to be scared of him, and see him as a potential threat to their lives and safety. Even when he tries to help them out, they mostly see him as a necessary evil. Very few can come to recognize him as a scholar and teacher, and have a form of mutual respect with him.

IN WHAT WAYS DOES THAT IMPRESSION DIFFER FROM WHO YOUR CHARACTER REALLY IS?: The Griffin generally doesn't start out trying to scare people intentionally, but also doesn't really care if they do end up scared of him. He can be pretty judgemental about their reactions to him as well. However, those who either aren't scared of him or who are willing to interact with him despite their fear can earn a great deal of respect from him.

HOW DOES YOUR CHARACTER HANDLE CRISIS OR ADVERSITY?: If there's someone or some group he can blame, he will start out by lecturing them about their responsibility in causing it to happen. However, afterwards, he will most likely take immediate action to resolve the situation, telling everyone what he intends to do and what he intends for them to do. He will likely be even more upset if people decide not to follow his instructions, but a long talk with good reasoning would probably be able to change his mind.

-How to make herbal remedies
-Killing and eating a scholar who taught him about the stars
-One of his conversations with the Minor Canon
-Shaming the town for their treatment of the Minor Canon
-Starving to death

The last two events are what I feel are pivotal to his story. His ability to make herbal remedies is quite advanced for his time, and I want him to have at least one memory of eating a human. I also want him to have a fond memory of the Minor Canon, the last human he loved.


SKILLS, ABILITIES, & PHYSICAL WEAKNESSES: The Griffin is capable of flight, and is strong enough to carry a stone statue of himself at the same time. His claws are as sharp as you'd expect claws to be, capable of scratching and tearing things. His talons are also nimble enough to do most things that hands are needed for. His tail has a sting at the end, which usually simply causes some discomfort when hit by it. However, when he's upset or has exerted himself, it can start glowing red with heat, until it's hot enough to set things on fire. He himself is immune to this heat.

The Griffin also knows quite a bit about the world from all the people he's spoken with over the years. He has a better understanding about it than most of the people of his time, and is very good at making herbal remedies. He can also go six months without eating, and this seems to be normal for him.

He tends to go for intimidation before fighting, and will usually try to scare people off with his tail sting instead of going straight into a fight, so a direct and sudden attack will likely take him off guard. His talons are probably the most fragile part of him, and the easiest to break.

INVENTORY: Nothing, unless the bones in his cave or the statue of himself count


PROSE-HEAVY: Fun with murdergames!
DIALOGUE-HEAVY: What is this newfangled future with labyrinths and suspended animation

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Will add colors/IC text to this later.
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Recommended Spicy Vegetarian Gluten-Free

He seems to be taking up a leadership role in calling for meetings and getting us all to share what we know. He also seems eager to learn about the place we are in. I see no problem in letting him step up to this position.
Seth Twilight
He seems to be studying what has happened to us, including the loss of memories. While I am unsure of the meaning of him being a "serpent," I see nothing wrong with him otherwise. Hopefully I can find a chance to speak with him more and see if he has any other insights. Watching these "movies" with him has also been an interesting experience.
Chitanda Eru
She seems fascinated by me. I suppose that explains her being the Champion of Curiosity. While I do not need her protection, it is quite interesting that she is so willing to offer it. Who would do this? And so brutally? All she wanted was to keep all of us safe.
Lightning Farron
Kurumi Ebisuzawa
She seems appropriately cynical about the motive of Jamie in providing us with "aid." Still, she is able to find some levity in the situation. Under these circumstances, that may be just as important as our simple determination to survive.
Rukia Kuchiki
She has also had either inaccurate or forgotten information placed into her profile. She seems to show no fear or surprise at my appearance, for some reason. Her map, while useful, is somewhat artistically odd.
The Doctor
He is apparently from a race that is older than humanity. He seems quite determined to find out every secret of this place.
Everything about him seems to be focused on flames, and he seems to enjoy using what power he has left. I wonder how well they would measure against my own, if given the chance.
Sadie Swenson
She referred to the offer to fix her regret as "tempting." While I doubt that she is a danger to me, I would rather not see anyone play the Overseers' game.
Frederica Irving
She seems to understand about the facilities here, but apparently hasn't seen some of them for a while. Still, she seems eager to explain them.
She sees holy scriptures as a form of comfort, although she cannot read them. I suppose that if they keep her stable, it is important for her to continue her recitations. She seems unused to many of the facilities here as well.
Natsuhi Ushiromiya SYMBOLS GO HERE
Shadow Hedgehog
He is cataloging the various items in all the rooms here. We will have to make sure that his notes are not sabotaged or replaced, although I am unsure how some of the kitchen implements could be used in an actual murder.
I am unsure if he intends to insult or compliment me. Still, he seems to have some insight into the minds of the ones who have trapped us here.
Byakyua Togami
He has apparently started a fashion trend among some of the others here. I suppose my lack of need for clothing is fortunate for me.
Recommended Spicy Vegetarian Gluten-Free

He calls both himself and me "Aviants," and considers me his brother despite not even knowing me. While we are quite different in appearance, I appreciate his terminology nonetheless. I shall try to act as a brother should, to him, especially when this station is not designed to fit him.
Yurika Misumaru
She is quite knowledgable about space, even if it seems her talents lie in combat. Still, her expertise should be useful for exploring this place. It seems that she comes from a time of war, when the planet itself is under danger of conquest. Still, it seems like she has the will to fight on.
Recommended Spicy Vegetarian Gluten-Free

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☄ First Impressions

♚ VISUAL: The griffin's forelimbs, head, and wings look much like an eagle's, although he has two feathered ears in addition to that. His feather color is a brownish-white, and his talons are yellow. His hindquarters are furred and golden-brown, and take the shape of a powerful tail, although he has no hind legs. His tail has a spiked, furless tip.
♚ DEMEANOUR: The griffin is rather haughty, carrying an air of superiority to most other creatures. He has a very stren expression in general, an dis only rarely affectionate.
♚ AURAL: The griffin's voice is very harsh by nature, and he has trouble adjusting it to sound soft or gentle.
♚ OLFACTORY: He pretty much smells like a wild animal.
♚ MENTAL INFORMATION: His mind is an open book.
♚ MAGICAL INFORMATION: He's obviously a supernatural creature, and seems to have some power over heat or fire.


♚ BACKTAGGING: Feel free! I'm always glad to finish up old threads.
♚ FOURTHWALLING: I have no problem with this. He will probably assume that any "story" you talk about is one told by the people of the Minor Canon's village.
♚ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: I'm fine with hugging and perhaps chaste kisses OOC. IC, he will not respond well to spontaneous displays of affection beyond simple touching, even from positive CR, unless you acclimate him to it slowly.
♚ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Hell yeah, please fight him. He has claws and a beak, and his tail can both sting and heat up enough to set things on fire. He will probably try to warn people off by stinging before using his claws.
♚ RELATIONSHIPS: I'm not sure how to classify his relationship with the Minor Canon, but the Minor Canon is currently the one he's the most devoted to. It'll take a while for him to become devoted to another character in a similar way. Also note that this devotion also comes with a desire to eat them, although if they're good at cooking he'll probably accept their food as well.

☄ Permissions

♚ CANNIBALISM: The main thing to note is that the griffin is a man-eating beast, and only eats the ones he's fond of. I will never play him in a human or anthro form, but I feel "cannibal" is the best description since he's sapient. Let me know if you don't want him to talk about this in threads with your character. Also let me know if you don't want to develop positive CR, or if you don't want him to talk about eating your character.
♚ SUICIDE/STARVATION: The griffin essentially starves himself to death at the end of his canon. Let me know if you don't want him to talk about this in threads with your character.
♚ OPT-OUT: Let me know if you want to just not interact with the griffin in general.
♚ CODE: Please fill out the form below and reply to this post. All comments are screened.


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